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ECSA and LIBER agree on a formal collaboration

25. February 2022by Simona Cerrato

ECSA and LIBER , the voice for Europe’s research library community, signed an agreement that strengthens the collaboration among the both parties. ECSA has the great opportunity to expand the community and to engage in a new setting thanks to the initiative of LIBER. The connection between libraries and citizen science will increase the impact on both communities – citizen science and libraries – and that it will help to raise awareness in terms of their public role. LIBER and ECSA additionally set out to cohost a series of public and professional online events and professional development webinars with the aim of connecting citizen science communities. In fact, the first concrete effect of the collaboration is the public webinar — We all do better when we work together: LIBER and ECSA working together for stronger citizen science communities — to be held on the 16th of March. (Ph.: Simona Cerrato)

Simona Cerrato