ECSA conferences: a celebration of citizen science

Every two years ECSA conferences bring together hundreds of researchers, practitioners in the field of citizen science, policymakers, science funders, NGOs and interested citizens. In meetings, round tables, workshops, participants share experiences and knowledge, explore the transformative potential of citizen science and make the community grow and thrive.

ECSA conferences are a celebration of the citizen science community, a networking and partnership-building opportunity, and a biennial highlight in the citizen science calendar. The conference gives the opportunity to put a face on citizen science, spotlighting new ideas and talent while strengthening the roots of the citizen science community.

ECSA2024 conference: Vienna

Our fifth conference was held in Vienna, April 3-6, 2024 (photo gallery). ECSA conferences celebrate the citizen science community, offer networking and partnership-building opportunities, and are a biennial highlight in the citizen science calendar. They showcase new ideas and talent, and strengthen the roots of the community.
The theme of the conference was Change. Indeed we live in times of big changes, positive and negative. Science can help us to understand them and shape possible solutions. With citizen science we can do it together.

Past conferences

ECSA Conference 2022
Berlin, Germany
5-8 October

The ECSA 2022 Conference has invited researchers from all disciplines, civil society actors, citizen scientists, policy decision-makers and all interested in the topic in Europe and worldwide to reflect, discuss and network around the topic of Citizen Science for Planetary Health.

ECSA Conference 2020
Trieste, Italy
6-11 September

In September 2020, the third ECSA Conference, Encounters in Citizen Science, was held virtually from Trieste, making it the first-ever online ECSA conference. This eventย aimed to bring together the citizen science community to share the latest knowledge and ideas from the field.

ECSA Conference 2020 report

YouTube playlist with all the recordings from the ECSA Conference 2020

Visit the ECSA Conference 2020 website for full details.

ECSA Conference 2018
Geneva, Switzerland
3-5 June

The second ECSA Conference took place from 3-5 June 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The ECSA Conference 2018, The Citizen, was a great opportunity for critical reflections, joint learning and networking within the field of citizen science. It focused on the role of citizens and how citizen science can increase sustainability and public understanding of science.

During the first day, Geneva locals and ECSA 2018 attendees participated to the Public Citizen Science Festival.

Visit the ECSA Conference 2018 website for full details.

ECSA Conference 2016
Berlin, Germany
19-21 May

The first ECSA conference was held in 2016 in Berlin.

It was dedicated to Citizen science โ€“ Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy, and showcased how both new and traditional ways of citizens working with scientists enable the transformative enhancement of science-policy and social impact, scientific advancement, engagement and empowerment.

Visit the ECSA Conference 2016 website for full details.

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