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ECSA2024 conference: let’s meet in Vienna

3. July 2023by Enrico Balli

Our fifth conference will be held in Vienna, April 3-6, 2024. ECSA conferences celebrate the citizen science community, offer networking and partnership-building opportunities, and are a biennial highlight in the citizen science calendar. They showcase new ideas and talent, and strengthen the roots of the community.

The theme of the conference is Change. Indeed we live in times of big changes, positive and negative. Science can help us to understand them and shape possible solutions. With citizen science we can do it together.

Our aim

We want to address different approaches to change from all kinds of perspectives within the realm of citizen science and participatory research.

We want to discuss both active, transformative change, and the observation of change monitored by citizen science in all kinds of disciplines.

We want to highlight the potential of citizen science to be a change maker in research and society, and as a tool to manage the change happening around us.

The hosts

The ECSA2024 conference will be hosted by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU), and the Natural History Museum Vienna (NHMW). BOKU is one of the most renowned life sciences universities in Europe, distinguished by its holistic approach to research and teaching. Its scientists, students and graduates work on solutions to burning social issues and for a sustainable future. The Natural History Museum Vienna is a research museum that houses vast collections in the fields of biology, earth sciences, anthropology, and archaeology. It exhibits the diversity of nature, the evolution of planet Earth and life, and the related cultural development of humankind.