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22. May 2023by ECSA
The growth of citizen science

Citizen science has grown quickly in the past couple of years, and ECSA has participated in and driven this growth thanks to our strong community and the many projects that we have undertaken. We have made progress in our mission to make science open, accessible and valuable for everyone. To fully achieve this goal, we need increasing support from the community. We need more and more engaged members.


ECSA membership

What does it mean to be an ECSA member? In our new video, we illustrate ECSA’s vision and mission, the role of citizen science in society, and how joining ECSA allows you to be part of a community that makes a meaningful impact through science. The accompanying leaflet conveys the same messages and provides a handy summary of the benefits you receive when you join ECSA, including: access to our growing network, professional development, members only content, discounts, and more!

Watch the video below and on our YouTube channel. You can also view/download the membership leaflet below.

ECSA membership is available for organisations and individuals. Find out more and sign up here: