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#3 – A dive into DIY Bio projects

15. March 2017by ECSA
ECSA News - A dive into DIY Bio projects

#3 – A dive into DIY Bio projects

Originally published by Pieter van Boheemen here

In this edition Pieter dives a little bit deeper into specific DIYBio projects to get a better feel for the full spectrum of activities that the scene encompasses. Do you have any clue how big the movement is? He didn’t. So follow his investigations step by step.

Also, Christine Marizzi was one of the first to contact Pieter after the first video. She works for the DNA Learning Center on DNA Barcoding in New York and has a lot experience with DIYBio on a large scale. He got to ask her what her work is about. Why is it so important? And why would policy makers support such projects?