#1 – #OPENBIOTECH YouTube series

1. March 2017by ECSA
ECSA News - #OPENBIOTECH YouTube series

#1 – #OPENBIOTECH YouTube series

Doing It Together Science

originally submitted by Pieter van Boheemen here.

Biohackers unite! Pieter van Boheemen is going to Brussels and would like to invite you to join the journey. 

The Waag Society‘s new weekly YouTube series on an EU policy paper about Do-it-Yourself biology will cover the entire process for you. Every Tuesday.

Policy papers and vlogs? Yes, that’s right. It’s an interesting combination. Pieter is going to lobby in Brussels and vlog about the process. Why? We want more support from Europe for the Do-it-Yourself biology movement.

Also, for many people biotechnology is mysterious business – while almost everything around us is influenced by it. From the clothes we wear to the medicines we take and the food we eat, biotechnology is all around us. With this new serie of vlogs we aim to democratize the knowledge behind this closed industry and #OPENBIOTECH for everyone.

A new, interactive way of lobbying 
This vlogging thing is an experiment and part of the Doing It Together Science project. We always find it exciting to try new things. This also means that any suggestions on what or whom you would like to see in one of the next videos is very welcome.

Meanwhile Pieter is already browsing the EU webpages to get a better grip on the subject, reading up on a huge list of existing literature and trying to ping the right people. By subscribing to the Youtube channel you’ll get updates along the way.


Want support? Share your project! 
Many people think that technology is a given, and that you have little influence on it. That is not the case at all. Technologies are invented and developed by people: us. So we need your input, feedback, questions to write a policy paper.

In the next video Pieter will document some great examples of Do-it-Yourself biology projects that we believe could use EU support. You could be part of that too! Just drop him a line or post something in the comments, and he’ll contact you for a recording.

The final result will be presented at the BioFabbing conference in Geneva in May. You can be part of that event too, by subscribing here.


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