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Committed Forces Behind ECSA: Johannes Vogel

25. May 2016by ECSA

Committed Forces Behind ECSA: Johannes Vogel

Prof. Johannes Vogel, PhD is ECSA Chair and Director General at the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin


  • Why did you join ECSA?

Citizen Science is part of the European scientific culture. Grande societal challenges require scientific and societal solution, thus it is important that we open science to society and society to become more scientifically literate. ECSA is an excellent organisation to promote this – Europe-wide.

  • What aims do you want to fulfil by taking a leading role in the association?

Citizen Science, participatory forms of science to becoming the norm, rather than the exception.

  • Looking back at the last year, what main achievements of ECSA do you see?

ECSA has become a recognised and respected organisation, it has convenient many talented individuals and important initiatives and is a great organisation to promote and inspire ideas around citizen science.

  • Where shall we focus on for the coming year and what contribution do you want to make?

Building the organisation and extending its reach and impact – we are on a good way!