Projects, data,
tools and technology

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Projects, data,
tools and technology

This working group aims to formalize a common understanding of interests in the citizen science data space, analyzing problems that citizen science projects face regarding data (e.g. interoperability, reliability, privacy, intellectual property rights). To do so, it collaborates with other technical organizations (e.g. the Open Geospatial Consortium) and other citizen science associations (e.g. CSA, ACSA).


Luigi Ceccaroni

Earthwatch Europe

Suvodeep Mazumdar

The University of Sheffield

Dr. Victoria Lush

Aston University

Working Group

  • Arne Berre
  • Benjamin Dauth
  • Bernat Claramunt
  • Christos Arvanitidis
  • Elzbieta Woloszynska-Wisniewska
  • Emmanouella Panteri
  • Florian Heigl
  • Hai-Ying Liu
  • Israel Peer
  • Jamie Williams
  • Jari Silander
  • Johann Zaller
  • Linda See
  • Stratos Arampatzis
  • Thanos Dailianis
  • Veljo Runnel
  • Vita Lanfranchi
ECSA working group badge

Activity plan

  • Spearhead the sharing of resources (projects, data, tools and technologies) for citizen science by providing examples and developing best practices.
  • Intensify collaborations with the CSA working group, especially to promote international standards for citizen science data and metadata.
  • Contribute to a newly proposed citizen science initiative for GEO.
  • Contribute to the wrapping up of the OGC interoperability experiment on citizen science.
  • Collaborate with The Things Network, a community that is building a worldwide open, decentralized Internet of Things.

Past achievements

How to get involved

To join this working group, please contact the co-chairs by email, outlining your experience and which activities you are interested in.

Suvodeep Mazumdar:

Luigi Ceccaroni:

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