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The Agri-food working group aims to strengthen the community of scientists and citizen science practitioners devoted to learning, promoting and implementing citizen science as an approach in agriculture, and more generally, in food systems. We foster dialogue, exchange of experiences and collaboration in the design and implementation of future citizen science in all aspects of food and agriculture.


Bálint Balázs

Environmental Social Science Research Group (ESSRG)

Marc Barzman

French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE)

Gerid Hager

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

Working group

  • Alexandra Czeglédi
  • Angela Justamante
  • Anna Ramon
  • Annelies Duerinckx
  • Bálint BALÁZS
  • Barbara Heinisch
  • Brigitte Gschmeidler
  • Chantal Gascuel
  • Christian Reynolds
  • Christina Bantle
  • Delphine Meziere
  • Delphine Sicard
  • Dominique Desclaux
  • Egle Butkeviciene
  • Elizabeth Tyson
  • Finn Danielsen
  • Gerid Hager
  • Gitte Kragh
  • Jacob van Etten
  • Janice Qian
  • Jay Mulmi
  • Karine Paris
  • Katerina Zourou
  • Kübra Balgetinkaya
  • Luca Tixi
  • Luigi Ceccaroni
  • Luise Ohmann
  • Marco Barzman
  • Maria Joao Leao
  • Marta Vallvé Ódena
  • Naomi Saville
  • Nathalie Couix
  • Paula Paez
  • Pernille Kallehave
  • Petra Benyei
  • Roberto Papa
  • Rukiye Dilli
  • Stefania Oikonomou
  • Tania Walisch
ECSA working group badge

Activity plan

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Past achievements

  • This is a new ECSA working group, formed in 2022.

How to get involved

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