Roger Norum

Candidate for the Board of Directors

“CS is growing in popularity, ushering in new voices, capacities and concerns. Having spent my career coordinating transdisciplinary collaborations in a peripheral region and taking an active role in fostering CS as significant tool for cutting-edge research, I will bring innovative, out-of-the-box approaches to strategic thinking as an ECSA Board member over the coming years.

As co-chair of the ECSA 2026 Finland conference and co-founder of the Finnish Association of Citizen Sciences, I am deeply engaged in fostering pan-Nordic collaborations and have comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities of CS in less-populous regions. As an anthropologist with experience implementing engaged research initiatives across ecology and geography, I have directed nearly EUR €20MM of funding on biodiversity loss and societal responses, giving me unique insights into CS at the everyday, praxeological level. As a research leader and university programme director involved in several significant CS initiatives (Horizon Europe, BiodivERsA, INTERACT) across disciplines, I enjoy thinking strategically about how hard and “softer” sciences can best co-create research with communities. And as a New York-born researcher holding Finnish and Spanish citizenships, and commanding multiple languages, I understand the importance of empathetic, cross-cultural and trans-regional perspectives for an inclusive and global cutting-edge science.

I hold a doctorate in anthropology from the University of Oxford and an undergraduate degree in humanities from Cornell University, and have past lives in journalism, software engineering, and emergency medicine. I pledge to the ECSA Board my creative, forward-thinking passion for forging a better CS for Europe.”


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