Muki Haklay

Candidate for the position of Vice-Chair

“I have been a early ECSA member, and followed the organisation even before it was established. As the leader of the Doing It Together Science (DITOs) project, which run between 2016 and 2019, I have invested significantly in supporting ECSA early steps. Later on, for a period of two years between 2018-2020, I was a board member and co-executive chair (together with Luigi Ceccaroni). It is delightful to see ECSA at the position of strength that it currently holds. In my role at Universtié Paris Cité I am working on the next stage in the development of citizen science in Europe – setting up the citizen science academy.

My motivation to join the board again is to contribute to the board at a critical period for citizen science. With the turbulence that we are experiencing, we need to put our effort as a community to ensure that at national and European level, citizen science is supported during the next funding programme – after Horizon Europe – and that we diversify and secure our place. This is not about keeping ECSA just for the sake of it, but an understanding that we need another 5 to 10 years to get to a sustainable support of citizen science. I believe that with my experience I will be able to contribute to this area.

I am applying to the role of Assessor. I want to support the executive chair in her/his endeavours and support the ECSA HQ team in their project work. I have an extensive experience in running a growing research team, and as I have now moved to manage a small team, I can share my experience and reach out to other experienced team leaders within the ECSA community to support the HQ. My vision for the role include the following: working collaboratively with the ECSA community on the European Citizen Science Academy; establishing the necessary effort to secure the place for citizen science in the next framework programme (FP10); Working with the HQ and ECSA MD to assist in making the organisation even more successful; Support the Executive Chair in their work.”


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