Citizen Science for Climate Action: Highlights from the European Climate Pact annual event

10. April 2024by ECSA

On March 5th, 2024, the annual event of the European Climate Pact took place in Brussels, hosted in the magnificent Berlaymont building of the European Commission. It was an exhilarating experience! Representing ECSA, project officer Anna Verones participated in this dynamic alliance, uniting approximately 900 climate ambassadors – individuals dedicated to advocating for climate action in their local communities – alongside various partners including civil society initiatives, research organisations, and companies.

The EU Climate Pact stands as a movement fostering a more sustainable Europe by raising awareness, catalyzing climate actions, and fostering connections among diverse stakeholders across the continent. As a partner, ECSA seized the opportunity to showcase our vision, mission, and strategies for promoting climate actions, particularly emphasising our utilisation of citizen science to empower individuals to enact meaningful change through scientific engagement.

Engaging in the Climate Pact enables us to tackle challenges collaboratively and explore innovative solutions alongside fellow participants. We anticipate this collaboration will lead to the co-creation of impactful projects and amplify the message of citizen science to enhance climate action efforts.

The event commenced with welcoming remarks from the vice presidency of the EU Green Deal, underscoring the policy’s robust social dimension and the imperative of societal engagement for effective implementation. Positioned as a cornerstone of the EU Green Deal, the Climate Pact endeavors to address the crucial question: How can these policies be effectively implemented within our local communities?

Throughout the event, spotlight presentations showcased the endeavors of three pact partners, including ECSA, Slow Food, and Federene. Engaging with EU representatives, including the EU Commissioner for Climate Action, Wopke Hoekstra, offered valuable insights into the future trajectory of climate actions. Meeting familiar faces such as Martin Brocklehurst from the Citizen Science Global Partnership further fueled discussions on prospective collaborative ventures.

Amidst the complex challenges of our era, collaboration emerges as an imperative. We enthusiastically embrace the ethos of ‘Do It Together’ and eagerly anticipate the forthcoming opportunities stemming from our involvement in the pact. Stay tuned for updates and consider exploring the EU Climate Pact homepage to become a member.

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Photo credit: Andy Vermaut


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