Launching a Student Citizen Science Challenge!

23. January 2018by ECSA
ECSA News - Launching a Student Citizen Science Challenge
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Launching a Student Citizen Science Challenge!

As part of Doing It Together Science, ECSA, in partnership with MapWorks Learning, is launching an interactive online Student Citizen Science Challenge!

What’s the challenge?

Students & teachers are invited to use visual storytelling to reflect on and share their student citizen science projects exploring aspects of environmental monitoring and sustainability. Whether it’s students collaborating on existing environmental monitoring citizen science projects or student-led projects investigating environmental sustainability, student groups and their mentors are invited to creatively and visually present their environmental exploration.

Student groups submit a visual or multimedia story sharing their method, observations, or reflection on a citizen science project in or around the classroom. The story could be a video, photo essay, comic strip, or a collection of scientific illustrations. Stories are displayed in an online exhibition, where students can share their story to a wide audience and see what sustainability inquiries other students around Europe are undertaking. The online exhibition is housed by Narrative Atlas.

Who should participate?

– Secondary school students or mature primary school students anywhere in Europe.

– Formal or informal educators & students: extracurricular activities welcome!

– Groups of students accompanied by a teacher or mentor.

Dates to note:

15th  March – 15th May: Pilot Round

15th  September – 15th November: Fall challenge

15th  March – 15th May, 2019: Spring challenge

Want to get involved?

If you are a classroom or informal educator already involved in a citizen science project and want to be involved in the March 2018 pilot, please reach out to

If you think you would like to participate in the Fall 2018 or Spring 2018 rounds, start planning your student citizen science projects and keep your eyes on ECSA and DITOs social media for updates.


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