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Webinar “Citizen Science in a Global Perspective”

22. July 2016by ECSA
ECSA News - Webinar "Citizen Science in a Global Perspective"

Webinar “Citizen Science in a Global Perspective”

Citizen Science has become an umbrella term for a variety of forms of public participation in scientific research. This participation ranges from data gathering to more collaborative and community-led forms. Distinct national and cultural traditions shape how and in what fields nonscientists get involved with scientific projects. While public participation is not new, the recent trend to label many activities as “Citizen Science” raises important questions:

  • Who brings what to Citizen Science projects?
  • What relationships develop between experts, communities and policymakers?
  • Where is the line between empowerment and exploitation?
  • Do Citizen Science practices challenge or support communication models such as the deficit model?

Introduction by Simone Roedder
Input by Geoffrey Haines Stiles (USA)
Input by Bruce Lewenstein (USA)
Input by Yaela Golumbic & Ayelet Baram Tsabari (Israel)
Input by Claudia Goebel (Germany)
Open discussion with participants with inputs by Lisa Pettibone (Germany) and Emma Weitkamp (UK)
CROWD & CLOUD trailer:

The webinar was hosted by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Leibniz Institute für Evolution and Biodiversity Science.