Green spaces and citizen science

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Green spaces and citizen science

The working group aims to share existing practices of citizen science in Green spaces (with focus on urban areas). Our aim is to understand the various dimensions on how Green spaces (e.g. Botanical gardens) develop and integrate citizen science approaches and how those contribute (can contribute) in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.



Baiba Prūse

Athena Institute, VU University Amsterdam


Vito Emanuele Cambria, Stefano Martellos, Sofie Meeus

Working group

  • Nienke Beets
  • Rebecca Gosling
  • Teije Terhorst
  • Fabio Attorre
  • António Gouveia
  • Michael Kiehn
  • Giulia Mattalia
  • Rita Campos
  • Anneleen Kool
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Activity plan

  • Monthly meetings at the last Wednesdays’ of each month are taking place from 16:00-17:00CET.
  • We have had the opportunity to learn from colleagues about several topics, e.g., Anna W.I. Au introduced us with a topic on participatory urbanism, working group members exchange links on Tiny Forest activities in Italy and United Kingdom, Lars Bults presented insights from his thesis on Local ecological knowledge in Botanic gardens, Jutta Kleber shared an experience on Big Picnic project.
  • Many lessons learned and more to come! Join us, everyone welcome to bring ideas, guest speakers and provide questions/solutions

We would like to promote the connection of people with scientific research by moving forward the citizen science activities in the green spaces and botanic gardens of our cities
— Vito Emanuele Cambria, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

We are eager to discuss the potential of green spaces and particularly botanical gardens when it comes to citizen science including but not limited to local ecological knowledge!
— Baiba Pruse, Athena Institute Vrije Universiteit, the Netherlands

How to get involved

This working group only makes sense if it is a relevant forum for what our members want to do – please make it so! The chairs and ECSA headquarters will do our best to support you.

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