Aquatic ecosystems & citizen science

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Aquatic ecosystems and citizen science

The main aim of this working group is to strengthen and consolidate the citizen science practitioner community in aquatic citizen science by promoting networking, creation of common standards, and leveraging citizen science data to support policy level initiatives such as the Water Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. With this, the group envisions to empower citizen science as a tool for freshwater and marine ecosystem monitoring, research, education and conservation efforts across Europe.

Main objectives

  1. research and survey existing citizen science initiatives in water ecosystems and their methods used and assess their effectiveness,
  2. construct a repository of past and ongoing citizen science initiatives, validate existing citizen science tools developed across Europe’s aquatic environments,
  3. create a network of citizen science practitioners and initiatives related to aquatic ecosystems,
  4. work towards common standards for freshwater and marine monitoring methodologies in citizen science projects to increase interoperability, usability and sustainability of data,
  5. consolidate training programs on aquatic citizen science,
  6. advocate for the introduction of citizen science in school curricula with the aim to foster water “literacy” and stronger water stewardship initiatives in local communities.


Bruna Gumiero

University of Bologna

Steven Loiselle

University of Siena/Earthwatch Europe

Garabet Kazanjian

American University of Armenia

Working group

  • Camille Janssen
  • Dori Edelist
  • Franziska Stressmann
  • Itamar Avishay
  • Jay Pearlman
  • Joana Silva
  • Julia von Gönner
  • Leo Mensel
  • Priscilla Doran
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Activity plan

We are holding monthly online meetings. Water experts are welcome to join these meetings to bring ideas, raise questions, and provide solutions. Kindly join our working group to receive timely meeting invitations.

How to get involved

To join this working group, please contact the co-chairs by email, outlining your experience and which activities you are interested in.

Bruna Gumiero (bruna.gumiero[at]
Steven Loiselle (steven.loiselle[at]
Garabet Kazanjian (gkazanjian[at]

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