Martin Brocklehurst

Candidate for the Board of Directors

“I am a passionate and active citizen scientist, a founder  member of ECSA and experienced international citizen scientist who has campaigned, lectured and championed citizen science across the world. Currently a founding member and  Chair of the Citizen Science Global Partnership I also represent  the ECSA Board on the global stage.  I am the appointed citizen science adviser to the UN Science Policy Business Forum and  international coordinator for the global citizen science community attending UN Global events. I have an especially close working relationship with CitSci Africa, with whom I have worked closely to enable them to learn from the ECSA experience, and to grow and develop.

I would like to offer my continued services and networks to the ECSA Board to help shape and grow ECSA over the next three critical years so that it continues to support you its members.  I bring a wealth of experience from the public sector and a deep understanding about how the EU can work with citizen scientists.  I know how citizen science at scale can make a difference to EU policy and support the EUs efforts to tackle climate change as well as the major environmental and health challenges of our time.

I have extensive academic, private and NGO networks that will be beneficial in building a secure business plan that will help ECSA to expand its sphere of influence across Europe. As the person who arranged the launch of ECSA in 2013 and who set out the original vision for our organisation I would now like the opportunity to shape and guide ECSA on the next stage of its journey and use my extensive network of contacts to strengthen and broaden the membership and financial security of our organisation. I hope that I will have your continued support.

Founder Member of ECSA and the Citizen Science Global Partnership;
Adviser to the UN Science Policy Business Forum on citizen science;
Former Executive Manager the Environment Agency (England & Wales); and currently Independent Environmental Consultant.


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