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These are our upcoming events.

2022 ECSA Webinars

Information for ECSA members:
If you are interested on organizing a webinar with us on any of the available months, please contact

Month Day Time (CET) Topic (and link to video)
February 22 15:00 Data protection vulnerable groups
March 16 15:00 Collaboration in CS
April 7 14:30 Planetary Health
April 28 10:30 Air quality
May 24 17:00 CS for Peace
16 15:00 Storytelling in CS
June 23 11:00 Workshop Cos4Cloud
September 14 16:00 Gamers for science: Gamification in Citizen Science
October 13 11:00 Portraying early career researchers in European CS projects
October tbd tbd ECSA-LK EEI Working Group
November 16 16:00 Learning from mistakes: failures in citizen science