The ECSA Headquarters is currently housed in the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. From here, the association is led by the management, in consultation with the Executive Board. It supports the activities of the working groups, manages ECSA’s external and internal communication and organises ECSA’s events. It advises ECSA members on how to link their activities to ECSA’s objectives. ECSA headquarters also works on citizen science projects.

Managing director

Dorte Riemenschneider

Urban research, sustainability, democracy,
community engagement


Magdalena Koblowska

Magdalena Koblowska

Operations, social science, art,
feminism, social change

Marcos Pereira

Accounting, financial management

Community and communication

Chrystanthi Bairaktari

Chrysanthi Bairaktari

Science communication, social media,
content production,
linguistics, gender equality

Simona Cerrato

Physics, science communication, writer,
children’s education, feminism

Joe Jubb

Literary theory, science communication,
climate change prevention

Yulia Rozumenko

Public relations, East European politics, project management, gender equality, education

Paul Sorrell

Digital research, community management, science communication, content production, visual communication

Project management

Dr. Aouefa Amoussouvi

Diversity management, change processes, science outreach and communication

Enrico Maria Balli

Enrico Maria Balli

Science communication, diversity
and inclusion, feminism, SDGs

Dr. Romane Blassel

Social science, discrimination, migration, gender equality

Dr. Carolina Doran

Behavioral ecology, diversity and inclusion, urban planning

Dr. François Jost

Climate action, sustainability, forestry,
renewable energy

Leo Mensel

International environmental law, environmental justice, non-formal education

Dr. Beatriz Noriega Ortega
(maternity leave)
Marine biology, green transitions,
air quality, feminism

Dr. Nikita Sharma

Urban planning, sustainability, waste
management, circular economy

Dr. Franziska Stressmann

Molecular microbiology, aquatic systems, biodiversity,
gender equality, planetary health, impact assessment

Anna Verones

Anna Verones

Resource economics, climate action,
soil and biodiversity, inclusion

Leonardo Veronesi

Sociology, tackling inequality, citizen
science, environmental issues

Franziska Žibert

Cultural studies, community building,
gender equality, arts engagement

Strategic development and fundraising

Kai-Ti Wu

Tech and digital innovation, trustworthy AI, GIS systems, fundraising and entrepreneurship,
gender & climate change, public health

Former team members

Alicia Moreno Muñoz, André Mascarenhas, Andrea Troncoso, Barbara Carneiro, Ciara Davies, Claire Murray, Claudia Fabó Cartas, Claudia Göbel, Franziska Sattler, Gaia Agnello, Gerhard Schleenstein, Gina Maskell, Giulia Melilli, Helen Feord, Holly Woodward, Margaret Gold, Mariana Vidal Merino, Marzia Mazzonetto, Nefertari Nachtigall, Simone Rüfenacht, Soledad Luna, Tim Woods, Veronika French

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