BioAgora | Developing the Science Service for European Research and Biodiversity Policymaking

BioAgora is a collaborative European project funded by the Horizon Europe programme. It aims to connect research results on biodiversity to the needs of decision-making in a targeted dialogue between scientists, other knowledge holders and policy actors.

Its main outcome will be the development of a fair and functional Science Service for Biodiversity, that will orchestrate processes and initiatives at the Science-Policy Interface at the European level.

BioAgora will go beyond the state of the art by co-creating new ways of bridging the gap between science, practice, and policy, which will be used as a basis for the development of the Science Service for Biodiversity.

ECSA activities and milestones

Assessing the barriers and opportunities for improved policy integration of citizen science for biodiversity at local, national and EU scale such that recommendations can be made for better policy uptake at all levels

How will the project achieve its goals? BioAgora partners will:

  • Develop the Science Service for Biodiversity’s governance structure and systems model by testing it in real life and iteratively improving it over the project’s duration resulting in a fully functional service
  • Design demonstration cases across EU Member States that ratchet up the implementation of biodiversity commitments as planned in the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy for 2030
  • Analyse the existing landscape of Science-Policy Interfaces, assess their policy tools and the current biodiversity knowledge held in Europe
  • Provide tailored pathways on how better orchestrate science-policy interactions to support the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030
  • Provide capacity building to empower the EU community of decision-makers and knowledge providers in bringing transformative change for biodiversity
  • Engage with a broad range of actors such as policymakers, scientists, businesses, and citizens.
Nikita Sharma. Project officer
Paul Sorrell. Communications and Community Officer

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