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SEEDS – What teens have to say about their health

5. January 2023by Enrico Balli

The newly released video wraps up two years of work and co-creation with groups of teenagers in four European countries for the project SEEDS, dedicated to healthy lifestyles.

“Listen to our ideas and be more positive with them so we can make them possible ‘cause they can affect our health” this is the final and powerful message launched by the teenagers protagonists of SEEDS (Science Engagement to Empower aDolescentS), a science project by teenagers for teenagers implemented in Spain, Greece, the UK and the Netherlands from the beginning of 2021 to the end of 2022. To make teens’ messages to be spread and their voices to be heard by the widest possible audience, a video has just been released.

You can download the final Press Release and the videos: English, Greek, Dutch, Catalan and without subtitles.