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ECSA2022 Conference: programme online

12. August 2022by Simona Cerrato
Cover of the preliminary programme of theECSA2022 conference


A huge variety of contributions from excellent speakers make up a program that addresses all issues of planetary health from the perspective of citizen science. Great keynote speakers will offer the opportunity to reflect and share experiences with a global perspective. Many networking, social and entertainment opportunities. Discover the ECSA2022 programme and register.

The 4th ECSA Conference runs under the cross-cutting theme of Citizen Science for Planetary Health. The concept of planetary health is based on the understanding that human health and human civilization depend on thriving natural systems and the sustainable stewardship of those natural systems. This demands not only knowledge, commitment and engagement of health and environmental sciences, but inter- and transdisciplinary efforts from all research fields and societal and political actors.

The ECSA 2022 Conference invites researchers from all disciplines, civil society actors, citizen scientists, policy decision-makers and all interested in the topic in Europe and worldwide to reflect, discuss and network around the topic of Citizen Science for Planetary Health.

All info available on the conference website.

Simona Cerrato