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Webinar: What is planetary health an why we need diverse citizen science perspectives and stakeholders to support it

4. April 2022by Simona Cerrato
"The rising tide" by Jason deCaires Taylort
“The rising tide” by Jason deCaires Taylort , London (Ph: Simona Cerrato)

Let’s celebrate the World Health Day ( on April 7th, 13:30-14:30 (CET) with the webinar by Kim Grützmacher, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, introducing the #ECSA2022 conference from an holistic perspective.

What is Planetary Health? And why we need diverse Citizen Science perspectives and stakeholders to support it? This webinar will introduce the holistic concept of Planetary Health. We aim to show that it will take diverse synergies and collaboration with the entire Citizen Science community with many scientific disciplines to implement the best of all possible futures on our human-inhabited planet.
During the webinar, Kim Grützmacher will cover:
– the concept and related fields of Planetary Health
– the importance of planetary health in science with and for society
– the importance of inter- and transdisciplinary research for achieving planetary health.
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Simona Cerrato