Online workshop: Biodiversity, identity and citizen science

16. November 2021by ECSA

Join the ECSA Learning and Education Working Group for this online workshop on November 23, 2021, at 5pm CET.

It is our pleasure to host another online event enabling the citizen science and learning community to share their work and raise awareness of projects, research and resources with each other and the wider citizen science community. This webinar series was initiated by members of the ECSA working group on “Learning and Education in Citizen Science” and the Citizen Science COST Action WG2 – Develop synergies with education. Our focus this time will be on research about biodiversity citizen science and identity and citizen science. Claire Ramjan (University of Sterling) and Julia Lorke (IPN – Kiel) will host the event. After the talks and discussion, we will share a few highlights from the past year that are relevant to the working group and invite attendees to join in. 

This time our speakers will be: 

Dr Maria Peter

Sharing insights from her doctoral research: Participant outcomes and project characteristics of biodiversity citizen science 

In her research, Maria analyzed the individual participant outcomes of biodiversity citizen science (BDCS) projects and the connection of these outcomes to specific project characteristics. She conducted an online survey and asked more than 1100 participants of various BDCS projects about their experience. The participants came from 63 projects in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition, Maria surveyed the coordinators of 48 BDCS projects. Maria will share some of the results of her research, as well as possible implications for citizen science project design, and challenges she encountered during her research.

Dr Todd Harwell

Sharing insights from his doctoral dissertation research

– Perspectives from practitioners and queer volunteers on how citizen science impacts identities

Citizen science engagement opportunities have been identified as mechanisms to support the personal development of an individual’s science-related identity in addition to their personal, social, and cultural identities, especially for participants from communities and backgrounds considered to be non-dominant and underrepresented in STEM. Todd will share results from a survey of citizen science practitioners on how they perceive their projects contribute to promoting volunteers’ science identity development. He will also highlight findings informed by interviews with LGBTQ+ citizen science volunteers on the relationships between science and queer identities.

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