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EU-Citizen.Science platform updates launched

8. November 2021by ECSA

The EU-Citizen.Science platform has launched several changes to improve and expand functionality for its users.

The platform serves as a knowledge hub to share citizen science projects, resources and training for the citizen science community in Europe and around the world. A key update to the platform includes project translation, so that projects can be better catered to users’ needs. This makes projects better accessible to citizens and the citizen science community across Europe. Additionally, the platform now includes an “add platform” function, to facilitate opportunity for communication between projects and regions. A new Privacy Centre is now featured for its users, so that they can be more clearly informed and empowered with regard to their personal data. The platform has further made several practical improvements such as updating form functionality, so that information in incomplete forms can be saved, to more pragmatically serve the needs of users. 

Check out the new and improved EU-Citizen.Science platform, and sign up to access citizen science updates, events, resources and training.