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Inclusivity in Citizen Science Workshop

13. May 2021by ECSA

ECSA | Earth from Space - Europe at night

ECSA’s second Diversity and Inclusiveness workshop will take place over Zoom on Wednesday 2 June at 16:00 CEST. This series is being co-organised by four partners: ECSA, the ECSA & Living Knowledge Network working group on empowerment, inclusiveness and equity, D-NOSES and Cos4Cloud.

We will be hearing from Judy Ling Wong (Honorary President, Black Environmental Network), Dr Monica Ramirez-Andreotta (Project Harvest), and Kylo Thomas (Making Spaces Project), about their experiences in creating inclusive community projects and environments, followed by group discussions.

The event is now open; you can register here.

A recording of our first workshop is available to watch on YouTube.

Prior to the event, you may find it useful to read about diversity and inclusiveness in citizen science using these resources:

  1. Inclusiveness and Diversity in Citizen Science
  2. Guidelines for Diverse Citizen Science Recruitment

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