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Webinar: New Citizen Science Projects Launching in 2021

15. April 2021by ECSA

ECSA & EU-Citizen.Science webinar: Introducing new citizen science projects launching in 2021.

Our webinar on the 26th May 2021 (14.00-15.30 CEST) will highlight new citizen science projects starting in 2021, with short talks from three early career researchers:

Famke Mölenberg (she/her/hers) (Erasmus MC, Netherlands) is an epidemiologist working on SEEDS, which aims to engage teenagers from Spain, the Netherlands, Greece and the United Kingdom in their health education and science literacy by directly empowering through citizen science. She tweets as @FamkeMolenberg.

Dr Cristina Zaga (she/her/hers) (University of Twente, Netherlands) is assistant professor in human-centred design working on Incentive, which links project partners and citizen science to co-create sustainable transdisciplinary hubs for stimulating and supporting excellent citizen science and responsible research and innovation (RRI). She tweets as @Zaga_daga.

Isabelle Freiling (she/her/hers) (University of Vienna, Austria) is a communication scientist working in the YouCount project, which aims to identify positive drivers for social inclusion of youth at risk of exclusion, and cocreate innovations and policymaking using cocreative youth citizen social science. She tweets as @isa_freiling.

The webinar will finish with a Q&A and discussion. The event will be in English with a live transcript and you can register for free here.