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A series of workshops on diversity and inclusiveness

30. November 2020by ECSA2

The citizen science community in Europe is, at present, not reflective of the diversity found across the continent – in terms of people’s ethnicity, nationality, age and many other parameters. And within our work as citizen science practitioners, we are faced with the challenges of inclusive engagement on a daily basis.

To start changing this, four partners – ECSA, the ECSA & Living Knowledge Network working group on empowerment, inclusiveness and equity, D-NOSES and Cos4Cloud – are organizing a series of online workshops to reflect on the challenges and barriers to inclusivity, and to provide a space for discussion and actions towards more inclusive and diverse citizen science, as well as making ECSA more representative of Europe’s diversity.

These workshops will each address a specific topic or parameter, and will be hosted and organized by our members, and other experts who have worked in these fields. ECSA will organize them, while D-NOSES and Cos4Cloud are sponsoring the events. The series will begin with a workshop on ‘Examining how dominant white culture manifests in citizen/community science’ to be held in January 2021. The date and presenters, as well as information on how to join, will be shared shortly. 

We are open for suggestions for further workshops from our community. Please get in touch if you are interested in organizing or contributing to a workshop on a specific topic.

Photo (c) Thomas Hawk