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1. January 2020by ECSA

ECSA Members

Members are central to ECSA’s mission and activities. Since being founded by citizen science practitioners and researchers in 2014, our members have shaped who we are and what we do. And we are always happy to welcome new ones!

If you are active in the field of citizen science, and not already an ECSA member, then 2020 is a good time to consider joining. In May this year, the citizen science community – from Europe and beyond – will meet in Trieste for our third international conference. Our members receive a €100 discount for the conference, paying just €250 (rather than €350). Members also receive early updates on key milestones – such as registration opening and side events – via our members’ only email list.

There are many further benefits to joining ECSA. Our members can:

  • be part of our network of citizen science practitioners, alongside more than 150 others
  • participate in our working groups, which share experiences around a theme and undertake research and capacity-building activities; ECSA members can also propose new groups
  • contribute to ongoing debates and outputs; for example, ECSA’s 10 principles of citizen science were created largely by a member-led working group
  • help shape ECSA’s future by voting in elections at our general assemblies, for example to appoint new board members and approve new working groups
  • share updates of their own projects via our bimonthly newsletter
  • involve us as a partner in their citizen science projects
  • take part in our projects; for example, ECSA members are playing a key role in developing characteristics of citizen science within the EU-Citizen.Science project.

Anyone can become a member, either as an individual or as an organisation. You don’t need to be based in Europe, either – we are open to anyone! Our website has a breakdown of the different membership fees and you pay quickly and easily by credit card, using PayPal or by bank transfer.

Sounds interesting? Become an ECSA member today via our website, or contact us if you have any questions.


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