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#2 – How to get in jail as a biohacker

1. March 2017by ECSA
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#2 – How to get in jail as a biohacker

originally submitted by Pieter van Boheemen here.

In this video, Pieter van Boheemen is showing you how to get in jail as a biohacker. Yep, that’s right. He gives you a demo of an exciting glow-in-the-dark beer experiment which you can only do with a permit (He did the experiment at the University of Delft). Also, he spoke to biohackers from Germany and asked about their experiences with European regulations.


For more information about the Waag Society and Pieter van Boheemen, please look here.

The Waag Society is currently working on making a list of Do-it-Yourself biology projects for the first DITOs policy brief on biodesign. Watch the introductory video here.


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