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Committed Forces & a Vision for ECSA: Katrin Vohland

25. May 2016by ECSA

Committed Forces & a Vision for ECSA: Katrin Vohland

Dr. Katrin Vohland is ECSA Vice Chair and Director of the Science Programme Public Engagement with Science at Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Germany, Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science

  • Why did you join ECSA?

ECSA has the spirit to improve sustainable and fair development of Europe by improving the science-society-policy interface.

  • What aims do you want to fulfil by taking a leading role in the association?

I see my role in bringing together different people, institutions, and cultures, in developing and exchanging ideas and tools, and to establish criteria and capacity for good practice citizen science.

  • Looking back at the time since last November, what main achievements of ECSA do you see?

ECSA gained a high reputation and increased interest in the approach of citizen science. We also made some success with regard to governance, and spreading out responsibilities.

  • Where shall we focus on for the coming year and what contribution do you want to make?

I will focus on quality development including reflections about the interfaces to parallel societal trends, I will try to arrange resources to guarantee basic communication services, and link up to other networks, policy, and scientific actors, especially the European museums.
My vision for ECSA is a spreading active community with spatially distributed but closely interacting thematic hubs sharing the responsibilities ECSA committed itself in its working programme and its vision.

  • What is your vision for ECSA? Would you like to build one of ECSA’s thematic hub? What are we missing?

We would like to have this discussion with ECSA members and prepare something for the upcoming international conference (during which we will also hold elections for the ECSA Board of Directors, Executive Board and Advisory Board).

Please comment below and send your visions for ECSA as ppt slide / image / word to me ( or Claudia (